The George Floyd Memorial Foundation, Inc. is national 501(c)3 non-profit organization established by Bridgett Floyd(sister)and family members, in memory of the late George Perry Floyd, Jr.

George Floyd’s premature death, caused by the inappropriate and life-shattering use of force at the hands of law enforcement, has captivated the attention of people all around the world. For eight minutes and forty-six seconds, the world watched, yet, another black man die at the hands of police brutality and unfiltered bigotry. This added fuel to an already raging fire of racial injustice has awakened and sparked a global outcry for a permanent end to police brutality against African American men, women, and children around the nation.

Big Floyd, Perry, or The Gentle Giant are a few of the affections George Floyd was known as around his family, friends, and others within his community. Throughout his life, his passion for sports and music motivated him to overcome life obstacles. He was affectionately known as a mentor and the heart of his community.

Our goal is to ensure George Floyd’s legacy is upheld. The foundation will continue to promote global awareness about racial injustice and provide opportunities for others to contribute to the unification of our communities and touch the world.

What Drives Us

Our Mission
Through organized community outreach, targeted educational programs, and intentional reform initiatives, we will honor the legacy of George Floyd and continue to ignite the world. Our mission is to eradicate systemic racism, eliminate police brutality, promote social justice, and protect the civil rights of all people of color.

Frequently Asked

Who was George?
  • Big Floyd, Perry
  • Born in Fayetteville, North Carolina
  • Floyd grew up in Houston, Texas.
  • Reside in Minneapolis, Minnesota prior to death.
  • George played football and basketball throughout high school and college.
  • Mentor 
  • Had a heart for his community.
  • Loved family, Music and Sports.
Who are we?

Bridgett Floyd(Sister) and family members of George Floyd, Jr.

What is our Mission?
  • Bridge the gap between community and law enforcement.
  • Initiate sustainable police reform.
  • Fight for justice.
  • Promote social change from the inside out.
  • Reverse racism, promote anti-racism
What are we doing?

Phase I: Promote Justice & Social Change
▪ Perform and engage in peaceful protests
▪ Promote Social Change and Justice
Reverse Racism 

 Phase II: Community Engagement                      ▪ Voter Engagement & Education                               ▪ Bridge Gap with Community and Police                ▪ Outreach, engage, and organize events for underserved communities

Phase III: Memorial Center
▪ Community Center & Safe Haven 
▪ Ex-Offenders Re-Entry Program
▪ Youth Technology & Academic Program
▪ Educate Community about systemic racism and police brutality through visual presentation




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Hours Of Operation

Monday-Friday: 10am - 6pm(EST)
Saturday-Sunday: CLOSED

Mailing Address

Headquarters: Charlotte, North Carolina 

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