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We work to unite our voices for change, address the root causes of inequality such as economic opportunity, and combat the systemic violence affecting Black Americans by working to build a fair legal system.

Dear GFMF's donors, partners, volunteers, and supporters:

Shortly after the tragic and unnecessary death of George Floyd in 2020, his sister Bridgett Floyd and other family members vowed to honor his memory by starting the George Floyd Memorial Foundation. The purpose of the Foundation was to bring positive change to the world, much as George Floyd did while he was alive.

Collectively, we are proud of the work the Foundation has accomplished in the more than two years since its formation.  


From offering college scholarships to deserving students to creating hundreds of thousands of volunteer opportunities around the country to removing the stigma from mental health issues and ensuring access to mental health services for Black people who need it most, the Foundation set out to make our world a better, safer place.

See the Impact Report below for additional details. 


George Floyd truly wanted to unite, inspire and activate change in our world. Now his beautiful daughter Gianna is about to embark on a mission to continue her father's legacy. Gianna is preparing to launch a foundation that will ensure George's legacy will continue to be fulfilled.  

To provide as much support and clarity as possible for Gianna's new Foundation, the George Floyd Memorial Foundation ceased operations on December 31, 2022. 


We are humbled to have been entrusted to carry out such vital work in the name of justice, integrity, and decency.  


On behalf of Bridgett Floyd and the Foundation's board of directors, we sincerely appreciate and thank everyone who contributed, volunteered, and shared information about the Foundation's work. 

We hope George would have been proud.  

With the most profound appreciation,

Jacari W. Harris
Executive Director
George Floyd Memorial Foundation 

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