The George Floyd Memorial Foundation is honored to appoint Dr. Calisha Brooks to help lead our Black mental health program!


Dr. Calisha Brooks is a Detroit native, Fisk University alum, and a champion for Black Mental Health.

She holds a Ph.D. in Psychology from Tennessee State University, and received her training from the University of Notre Dame and Vanderbilt University. While at Vanderbilt she conducted research on race-based stress and trauma and developed a screener that aids clinicians in identifying racial trauma in people of color. Currently, she uses that tool to help facilitate community conversations and has been a sought after keynote and panelist.

After her residency at Vanderbilt, Dr. Brooks accepted a position at the University of Cincinnati as a Staff Psychologist. Over the course of her time at the University of Cincinnati, Dr. Brooks has been an invaluable contributor of intentional student advocacy and engaging relationships. As a therapist, she provided individual and group counseling and enhanced the team’s capacity to provide culturally informed care by encouraging the clinicians to always “show up as human beings” and be open to the lived experience of the students served. 

Beyond her clinical work, Dr. Brooks’ vision to eradicate barriers to quality mental health care for underserved identities and communities has led to platforms, programs, and initiatives that have served and impacted multitudes across states. #Wegotus, Woke-shop, Barbershop Talk “Black Men Mental Health”, and Soul Care are a few of her high-impact initiatives aimed to champion the cause of social justice and mental health awareness in African American communities.

In staying true to her mission, Dr. Brooks has worked with countless organizations, universities, businesses, and individuals with the goal of cultivating healing, hope, and wholeness in communities of color. As a mother, she believes that “our community is our immunity” and seeks to teach her daughter through word and action how to build that legacy.

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