Black Mental Health Program

George Floyd should be alive- but because of police brutality, he is no longer able to serve the communities that he lived in. Instead, we've spent every moment since his life was taken fighting to ensure that no other family has to endure this loss. 


The constant images of police brutality in the media have had a severe impact on the mental health of Black Americans, who have been shown to experience more poor mental health days and increased emotional disturbance after instances of police violence, than White Americans. That’s why the George Floyd Memorial Foundation is designing programs that uplift Black mental health. With your help, we can create access to mental health resources for a community that needs our support. We ask that you honor George Floyd's memory today,  by donating  to help us address Black mental health needs in 2022.

Coming Spring 2022

The GFMF therapy

fund seeks to:

  • Provide micro grants to Black men seeking therapy 

  • Support training culturally competent providers who understand how the issues disproportionately affecting the Black community directly impact health and social outcomes

Police killings of unarmed Black Americans are responsible for more than 50 million additional days of poor mental health per year among Black Americans. This mental health burden is comparable to that associated with diabetes, a disease that strikes 1 in 5 Black Americans. (NAACP)

Yet, 63% of Black people believe that a mental health condition is a sign of personal weakness. (NAMI)

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