The George Floyd Memorial Foundation welcomes the opportunity to assist the media with stories that help advance the understanding of social justice, criminal justice reform, police brutality, and coverage of foundation events. Our Marketing & Communications team serves as a resource for the media to access news and information about the Foundation and to find expert sources for stories on a wide range of topics.

Media Policies

The George Floyd Memorial Foundation requires that members of the media secure approval from the Foundation before coming to events, record, or interview board members and staff. Media outlets must also provide credentials visible upon arrival. This policy helps the Foundation conduct its social justice mission in an orderly and effective manner while protecting the rights, privacy, and need of board members, staff, and volunteers.

We also request that members of the media contact the Foundation to interview members of the George Floyd Memorial Foundation community or for official Foundation commentary on the timely subject matter. Doing so will expedite the response to such requests.

For all Media Inquiries, please email: Info@tgfmfoundation.org